Given the fame of the Tour de France, it won't shock you too much to learn that the French love cycling. Indeed, you could argue that it's one of the most popular national sports here.

Certainly, the people of Limousin are every bit as keen on taking to two wheels as anyone else in France. You'll be amazed both by how many cyclists one sees on the roads and by how respectfully they're treated by motorists. So if you like road cycling or mountain biking, you'll have a great time here. The rolling countryside and lack of traffic, make it particularly enjoyable for cyclists.

If you are a real enthusiast, then you should probably bring your own bicycles with you. But if you are an ordinary user and think you would enjoy some gentle road cycling, we have two modern but modest machines that you are welcome to use.

Details of suggested road cycling routes and some great mountain biking locations are available from local tourist offices. And you'll find some waiting for you in the Maison du Gui welcome folder.


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