Limousin isn't a bad place for fishing… in the same way that Australia isn't a bad place for surfing, Wembley's not a bad place for football, and St. Andrew's isn't a bad place for golf.

Limousin has 11,700 kilometres of riverbank (23,400 kilometres if you count both sides), more than 3,000 lakes and nearly 40 reservoirs. Unsurprisingly, it also has quite a few fish. It's particularly known for its trout and salmon, but there are also plenty of perch, carp, pike, bream, black bass, dace, chub, gudgeon and barbel.

You will need a permit before you can fish legally. But these are inexpensive and widely available in tobacconists, bars, cafes, and angling shops.  If you would like us to organise a permit on your behalf then please let us know when you book.


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