Limousin is an exceptionally beautiful and extraordinarily varied region. So you can imagine that it is a rambler's paradise.

Maison du Gui is set among gently rolling countryside that is typical of the north of the Haute Vienne département. There is no better place for blissfully bucolic walks. And we've prepared some guides that will let you explore the local countryside without even getting in the car.

When you take a local walk, do look out for the single track railway line just before you enter the woods. If you're exceptionally lucky you might see a passing train. Be sure to wave. The driver is quite likely to answer with a cheery toot on his horn!

It is unlikely that you'll tire of the countryside surrounding Maison du Gui. But we do recommend that you force yourself into your car and explore further afield.

The mountains that make up the Monts de Blond are only 10 minutes away. They are not all that tall (about 700 metres at their highest) but they are certainly very beautiful. Start in the tiny town of Blond, and explore the 50 kilometres of footpaths that meander through the mountains. And do check out the Rochers de Puychaud, which are stunning Iron Age megaliths.

If you like spectacular gorges, you must head north-east to the second of Limousin's three départements, Creuse. The word is French for 'hollow', and the moment you see it you'll understand how the area got its name. The Petit Creuse and Grand Creuse rivers have gouged their way through hills and mountains to form fantastic gorges. The area between the two is so beautiful that a school of art (École de Crozant) has been named after it. Perhaps the most famous of that school's artists was Monet, who painted here extensively.

Limousin's third département is Corrèze, which is south-east of Maison du Gui. We've listed it last here, but it has just as many attractions as the other two. Indeed, Limousin has seven villages officially designated as being among 'the most beautiful in France'. One is Mortemart in the Monts de Blond, 15 minutes from the gite. The other six are all in Corrèze.

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